A visit to the DHS Campus in 2005:

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DHS Entrance

Overhead View of DHS Campus



Patriot Stadium


Class of 63 at 2005 Reunion:

Class of '63 Back Row L-R: Rick Barnes, Jan Kilpatrick Myers, Jerry Hall, Ed Miles.
Front Row L-R: Bill Brier, Michael Handran.

Class of 64 at 2005 Reunion:

Class of '64: L-R: Ron Castle, Mario Gonzalez, Charlotte Cartwright, Jon Kilpatrick, Jan Lander Novak, Mike Poirier, Ted Kupferer, Bob Flocke, and Ricki Hughes Handran

Class of 65 at 2005 Reunion:

Class of '65 Back Row L-R: Dennis Overturf, Greg Yates, Jim Willie, Jeff Flannery.
Middle Row L-R: Walt Gislason (faculty), Becky Hamner Queen, Paula Merrifield Hyde, Terri Cartwright Baldwin, Dick Miles, Bennie Francis, Mickey Hendry, Fred Kopp, Melva Graybill Cain, and Dr. Patrick Cullinan (faculty with tie.)
Front Row L-R: Johnnie Francis (kneeling), Leroy Chavez (with sign), Susan King (black dress), Buddy Field (kneeling), Brian McKiernan (kneeling).
Present, but missing from picture: Dru Castle-Worley.

Class of 66 at 2005 Reunion:

Class of 66: Back Row: Walt Gislason -teacher, Paige Taylor, John Sanford, Bill Gwaltney, Patrick Cullinan -teacher.
Hans LaGasse, Toni Duncan, Jonilee Kettleson, Anna Marie Teachout Thatcher, Rick ---- , Dan Kupferer.

Class of 67 at 2005 Reunion:

Class of 67: Back Row L-R:  Mr. Gislason (teacher), Wayne Taylor.
Front L-R: -?, Kathy McConnell Chavez, Susan King, Dr. Patrick Cullinan, Schell Woodruff, -?.
Terry Smith '67 attended reunion but missed pictures.

email webmaster if you can identify the Class of 67!

Class of 68 at 2000 Reunion:

Mr. Gislason (teacher),
Linda Tribble, Jane Warner, Dr. Patrick Cullinan (teacher), Oliva Gonzales, -.

Class of 69 at 2005 Reunion:

Dr. Patrick Cullinan -teacher, Bonnie Smith, Roger Indorf, Mr. Walt Gislason -teacher.

Friday Evening Meet & Greet:

Susan King and Jim Willie
These are the two Class of '65 classmates that organized this great reunion!!
Thanks so much Susan and Jim!

Nancy Willie
The "driving force in putting together the 2005 reunion" as per hubby Jim Willie!
Thanks Nancy!!

Dick Miles
Register of this Reunion
Thanks Dick!


Registration Desk





Back Row L-R: 1,2,3.
Front Row: 1,2,3.
unk #2

L-R: -, -, -, -, Mario Gonzalez? (hidden), Jim Willie.
unk #3

Pictures at the 2005 Banquet:

Jim Willie -our reunion Coordinator!

Memory Board of loved ones past

Kathy McConnell Chavez (67), standing: Toni Duncan (66) and Butch LaGasse (66), Jeanette and Buddy Field (65)

Dancin' to the oldies!

Becky Hamner Queen, Ted Kupferer, Susan King.

Cartwright Ladies

Dr Patrick Cullinan (DHS Science teach now Dentist)
with Susan & Diane King

Lois and Dennis Overturf (65), Jim Willie (65), Susan King (65)

Class of '63

Dru Castle-Worley '65 and Bob Flocke '64

Dancin' the night away!!!
-, -, Becky Hamner Queen.
unk #8

Sunday Brunch in the DHS Cafeteria

(standing) Nancy and Jim Willie (65);
(seated, L to R)  Bennie Francis (65), Rollo and Melva Graybill Cain (65), Linda Miles, Frances Kopp Krupka (67), Dick Miles (65), and Becky Hamner Queen (65).

Jan Lander Novak & Ricki Hughes Handran
still fit the seats!

L-R: -, -, -, -, -
giving a cheer in the gym

unk #9

Please email webmaster if you can identify any alumni in the above pictures!

DHS Alumni Golf Outing

John Kilpatrick on 1st Tee

Bennie Francis is hot!

Dan Mongeon '67

        Dick Miles '65                   Ed Miles '63
    Reunion Registrar

We would like to thank the coordinators of the 2005 All 1960's DHS 2005 reunion!
 They were the Class of 1965: 
Jim Willie '65 (& Jim's wife Nancy!) & Susan King '65

We also wish to thank the 2005 class reps for all their work in finding all of us!!
Class Reps:

 Ed Miles '63:  
Jody Duncan '64:  
Jim Willie & Susan King '65:   
Toni Duncan '66:  
John Schoenick '67:  
Carrie Anderson Oberg '68:  carrieoberg@msn.com 
Connie Thompson Julien '69:  cjulien7@gmail.com 


DHS 1960's Reunion 2005
In Memory of Classmates & Faculty who have past:

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