DHS Class of '70 

as Seniors

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Here is the list of 1970 graduates:

Debbie Albee
Lynn Anderson
Karen Barker
Travis Barrentine
Sue Bausch (Noga)
Rose Biggs
Terry Brackin
Debra Brackin
Maureen Brown
Tom Brown
George Bryne
Laura Bullock
James Cantrell
Billy Canup
Denis Catlin (Pay)
Paul Cody
Mark Colvin
Michael Comstock
Becci Cook
Woodie DeLorme
Frank Demolli
Alice Denke
Maurice Descoteaux
Joe Donahue
Barry Fowler
Mike Gallegos
Marty Ghazorosian
Bob Glenn
Dale Griffee
Art Guettler
Leslie Hale (Lind)
Robert Jay Harris
Susan Holloway
Holly Horton
Diana (Deede) Howard
Mary Huling (Casanova)
James Hunt
John Jenkins
Barney Johnson
Ralph Jones
Steve Jonson
Russell Kennedy
Steven Kenney
Nola Kile
Sharon King
Vickie Knight
Jerry Knutson
Ralph Kopp
David Krejci
Kathy Kuharski
Roland LaFrance
Sharon Lacy (Shoaf)
Leslie Lawson
Rod Lawver
Albert Lewis
Gary Licinio
Mike Magbuhat
Don Magnuson
Gene Magnuson
Laura Mantei
Mike Martin
Guadalupe Martinez
Rick Mattingly
Dennis McClain
Diana McLuen
Mark Miller
Kevin Miller
Mike Mulvaney
Dennis Murphy
Brenda Nantz
Shawn Nelligan
Judy O'Neill
Gary Overby
Gary Parker
Patti Patterson
Gail Perry
Chris Phelps
Richard Phipps
Debbie Pinkowski
Brenda Pinson
Mike Presley
Steve Priewe
Jalene Putek
William Revell
LeAnne Reynolds
Dale Riter
Dave Riter
Robert Rivas
Fransis Rooney
Sue Russell
Patricia Sharp
Matt Simpson
Doug Smart
Tim Snider
Louis Snowden
Patricia Sobien
Robert Stansell
Rebecca Stark (Bugenhagen)
Larry Taylor
Tichard Telson
CeAnne Terrell (Sims)
Donna Thomas
Bobbie Toft
Mike Urban
Karen Vaughn (deceased)
Sharon Voorhes
Jo Warren
Luann Whitsitt
Terry Woitte
LeAnne Worner
Bob Wright
Sandy Zakinski (deceased)

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