Our 25th Reunion in Rapid City, July 1994

Back row (L-R) Mark Colvin, Mark Miller (holding a photo of Bob Sullivan), Mike Comstock, Rex Roseland, Richard Schrier, Walt Gislason, Danny Goster, Faye Spomer, Randy Miller.
Row 2: Roger Indorf, Jerald Maine, Rick Kane, Reed Huling.
Row 3: Karen Bennett, Connie Thompson, Bob Nutty.
Front Row: Pat Brown, Tom Cordingly, Andy Brocamp, Mike Magbuhat, Carol Brooks, Karen Kuharski, Gail Perry, Linda Stewart (not pictured - Dwight Griffee)


25th Reunion 1994 pic 2.jpg (12808 bytes)

Linda Stewart,  Mr G. and Connie Thompson at 25th Reunion

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